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CROSBY ® LIFTING CLAMPS. CROSBY ® The IPHNM10 horizontal lifting clamps have a clamps must be used in pairs or more. allows the user to attach the clamps to the . CROSBY ® CROSBY ® CROSBY ® CROSBY ® CROSBY ® CROSBY ® CROSBY ® CROSBY ® CROSBY ® CROSBY ® IPCC

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Crosby Clamp-Co Pipe Grabs provide an excellent means of handling cylindrical objects as long as they meet Pipe O.D. and Working Load Limits referenced in the table below. 450 lbs. to 7,000 lbs. Moveable outriggers help stabilize the load. No blocking of load required. Individually Proof Tested to 2 times the Working Load Limit with Crosby Forged Steel Wire Rope Clips - ShutterlockCROSBY FORGED STEEL WIRE ROPE CLIPS-G450. Each base has a Product Identification Code (PIC) for material traceability, the name CROSBY or CG, and a size forged into it. Based on the catalogue breaking stength of wire rope, Crosby wire rope clips have an effiency rating of 80% for 3mm through 22mm sizes, and 90% for sizes 24mm through 90mm.

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Crosby G-450 Clips One of the most common and safe ways of making a wire rope termination in the field is by using a wire rope clip (aka cable clamp). For those with a little experience, it is widely held that Crosby Clips (look for the Red-U-Bolt) are the most reliable clips on the market. Crosby IPTKU and IPTKUD Universal Beam Clamp - Range Crosby IPTKU and IPTKUD Universal Beam Clamp - Range from 2000kg to 10,000kg Crosby IPTKU/D beam clamp with optional double locking device. Suitable as a temporary hoist attachment eye for a beam, lifting clamp and as a lashing clamp.

Crosby® G-450 Galvanized Wire Rope Clips

It"s important to note that wire rope clips are not intended for use in overhead lifting applications. The G-450 series from Crosby® features a traditional style U-bolt and saddle secured with nuts, with the entire clip galvanized to resist rust and corrosion. Sizes 1/8" through 2-1/2" and 3" have a forged base. Crosby® IPU10 Vertical Lifting Clamps US Cargo ControlCrosby® IP10J is about the same as standard IPU10 clamp but features a larger jaw opening that ranges from 2" to 4". Crosby® IP10H is similar to standard IPU10 clamp but used for materials with a surface hardness up to 472HV10 (450 HB). Crosby® IP10S is the same as standard IPU10 clamp but made specifically for stainless steel material.

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Crosby® eye bolts are made of forged steel and Quenched & Tempered ® using Crosby®'s perfected methods of steel heat treatment. We sell both galvanized and stainless steel versions of wire rope clips. Nontraditional Crosby® cable clamps namely the Fist Grip ® model have bolts and heavy hex nuts that allow for quick install. Crosby® Vertical Lifting Clamps US Cargo ControlCrosby® IPNM10 This is a non-marring lifting clamp that allows you to lift, turn, and move plates from horizontal to vertical and down to horizontal without damaging the surface. Ideal for aluminum, stainless steel, painted materials, aircraft skins, composite material, glass, plastic, and more.

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Sep 05, 2017 · The Crosby Group is known for innovating and manufacturing high-quality rigging and lifting equipment that boasts a long lifespan in addition to superior functionality. For example, each Crosby Clamp is individually proof tested to 2 times the working load limit and comes with a test certificate to offer peace of mind to those using the equipment. Proper use of Crosby Clamps - cdn.sqhk.coCrosby clamps are NOT to be staggered. Always install Crosby Clamps in the same direction. Never saddle a dead horse, meaning the saddle of all 3 clamps should never be on the dead or short side of the wire rope. This can cause damage to the supporting load side of the wire rope.

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Only Crosby provides forged Red U-Bolt Clips from 1-1/8 to 3-1/2 and forged Fist Grip clips from 3/16 to 1-1/2.* *The 3-1/2 base is a steel casting. Identification; The clips size, manufacturers logo, and a traceability code should be clearly embossed in the Wire Rope Clips - The Crosby GroupCrosby® 429 Fist Grip Clips Crosby® 429 Fist Grip Clips > Crosby® 450 Red-U-Bolt Wire Rope Clips Crosby® 450 Red-U-Bolt Wire Rope Clips > Crosby® 460 Soft Eye Bundle Clips Crosby® 460 Soft Eye Bundle Clips > Crosby® 461 Thimble Eye Bundle Clips Crosby® 461 Thimble Eye Bundle Clips >

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  • DYWISHKEY Pack of 10, 1/4 Inch M6 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable Clip ClampCastuvy 15 Pack Wire Rope Clamp / Wire Clamp 3/8" Galvanized, Hardware Rigging Wire Rope LockCrosby IP10 Standard Vertical Clamp 1 Ton Working Load Limit 0 0.75 Inch Jaw Opening RFICrosby IPU10 0.5 TON Vertical CLAMP 0-5/8" JAW 2701675Crosby Wire Rope Clamps McMaster-CarrCrosby Forged Single-Saddle Wire Rope Clamps Not for Lifting These must be oriented with the saddle on the long (live) end and U-bolt on the short (dead) end. Their forged fabrication makes these clamps more reliable in critical applications such as tie downs and support lines.

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